Sophia`s home!

Initially there was some concern that Candace and Sophia might have to remain at the hospital for an extended stay – due to the dire prognostications of our local mages of meterology.

However… the Gale force winds and the blinding blizzards snows fail to arrive in harmony with the dire predictions of these overzealous weathermen, as the day`s weather shows far more of a soden sobbing “whimper” than the expected “bang” of a High Plains whiteout. Ah well, we can always blame it on El Nio.

The good news is that there is nothing keeping us from being discharged from the hospital and returning home with our newest addition.

Arriving home with her in the early afternoon, the rest of the day flows as naturally as any other. With one qualifier…

I have not yet acclimated to seeing a newborn infant within my home. Several times today I would enter into a room where Sophia would be and, being consumed with my own thoughts, I would be surprised to see her there – upon which instance I would laugh to myself at my own elation.

So tonight, all is well. My daughter has been delivered safely and rests now in the bosom of her adoring family… where she belongs.


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