The Day After

The culmination of nearly a year`s worth of preparations, the fruition of our hopes and prayers – now leaving a sudden strange sighing of exhaled pent-up breath…

O, I shall part from her with many tears,

you earthly treasure pure and undefiled;

yet not without a weight of anxious fears

for the coming future of my newborn child…

My second daughter, Sophia, is born – healthy and without any visible impairment. I praise the LORD for His mercy and loving-kindness towards me and my house.

Today and tonight, I have spent a goodly amount of time with my two older children – talking to them of their thoughts on this turn of events, of my expectations for them, of the many ways in which this child will likely change the dynamics of our home… and we play too, and I tickle them with fanciful imaginings.

Now I remain alone and awake in the quiet darkness, whilst my beloved continues her prescripted remainder at the hospital for general observation and recovery. I wonder at what is occurring even as I write this, imagining the way that the dim light falls across the beautiful faces of my child and my wife.

Both the Past and Present days converge upon my mind in white-knuckle tension and foresight of what days might yet come… and, amid the clustering din of echoes, His hand holds my Soul fast.


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