Sophia`s Coming…

Yesterday we met with Candace`s doctor of Obstetrics for her weekly check-up, during which time it was decided by Candace and I (upon the recommendation of her doctor) that she would be induced into labor on Thursday morning. If everything goes smoothly, then Sophia Rhiannon Love will likely be born sometime around the late morning/early afternoon of January 18th 2007 – sharing a birthday with Daniel Webster, A.A. Milne, and my youngest brother Joshua.

O`er the passage of the evening, we have been making our preparations and arrangements for the coming days – however, we`ve been preparing for this since Autumn, so I think we`re in rather good shape.

Furthermore, as we are scheduled to begin the induction procedure at 6:30am, our Pastor has generously agreed to come over to our house first thing in the morning to look after our children until they awake and then bring them up to the hospital. Some of my colleagues at the school have also availed their services, on an as-needed basis of course. When combined with the willingness of my friends and Brethren to aide us during this time, I imagine all shall progress quite well.

I find that, as the hour nears, I can hardly contain my excitement. Soon I shall, by the LORD`s Grace, be holding my newborn daughter in my arms – I shall see her face and hear her voice… `tis something wondrous and my Soul is brimming with praise for GOD`s abundant mercies and loving-kindness towards me and my house.

May He sustain my beloved during her time of labor, granting her the courage to birth this child with her characteristic strength and valor; may the LORD keep watch over the doctors` care, that they might practice their talents with skill and verve.

In these, as in all things, may GOD`s Will be done.


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