"…ice in the rigging & the howling wind…"

Mood: Convivial & Wry

Weather: Cold & hard; clear skies above a frozen Earth

Reading: The Courting of Marcus Dupree, by Willie Morris

Listening To: Takk… by Sigur Rs


Black iced roadways,

sleek and hard frozen thoroughfares,

glimmering car-lights pierce the cold dry darkness,

illuminate a cloudy crystal path through the brown rolling slush.

Chills from the smooth exposed skin along the sides of my neck

dance down the length of my back, back up my spine

into a tremor of chattering teeth and bone.

Alone longing for home,

I turn on my heel

to return.

The children and I played out in the out-of-doors this Day & Evening, as the pale Winter`s Sun descent set in flames of silver red golden purples… the Sky swelling into a bruise, fade to black and starlit Night.

We skated across neighboring driveways in our boot-shod feet, slipping falling and laughing… I sprained my wrist and slightly injured my left knee over the period of a couple hours, laughing the entire time.

The below-freezing temperatures hardened whatever snow and ice had melted, creating a frozen tundra over the top of the ground that enables one to easily slide across one`s own yard. With even my own tenuous footing over such a surface, I had the children zooming across the width of our backyard in a makeshift sled.

Aside from the trifles of my reckless stumbling (or a single episode where Israel slipped and fell face-first into a crusty snowdrift along the side of the road), we had a grand time without any great malady and got quite cold & wet before it was all said and done.

The remainder of the evening was spent with my beloved… thinking, talking, and preparing for Sophia`s imminent arrival.

Bright blessed days, dark sacred nights.


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