Rage Awake & Blow Destroy

O, rare sweet Wintry kisses upon our sultry South, as delicious as those from a Woman`s mouth – and just as tender are its windswept Skies, as any Beauty`s glimmering eyes.

Rage! Awake! you tempestuous North, in chilling bluster and blast – weaving a frozen enchantment, as your subtle Spell `tis cast. Cleave us free from warm verdant chains, drown the dead brown Flor `neath your blistering rains.

Hide our land under frigid caves, with the wild-eyed Songs of your winds and waves. Pile high your ice-blossoms into a swirling floe, in an avalanche of Prairie snow. Wrap our souls in Nights of land clouds, bawl above us as we hide `neath shrouds.

Pierce weak hearts in jealous flame, that Mankind might know some bitter shame. Men such as I, to whom the World seems like a toy, that consider not what we oft Destroy.


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