"Bolt and Bar the Shutter…"

“…there was a murmur soft and low;

white folds of cambric, parted slow;

as little fingers played with snow…”

I have come to the decision that there are few better ways to awaken upon a Saturday morning then to the gleaming whiteness of an overnight snowfall…

Starting Friday past, from the late morning hours `til the very moment I am now writing, we Normans have been host to a rather stodgy Cold Front – combining with the prevailing Gulf Coast moisture, that has beleaguered our lands of late with unseasonably high temperatures, to produce a trifling (though still quite pleasant) accumulation of snow and ice.

While the snowfall has only amounted to a light dusting, the ice has glazed our roads with a slick coating – prompting the cancellation, postponements, and closings of most of our local community functions and commerce. The dance o` the hours has ground to a halt of eerie calm solemnity.

Nevertheless, those of my household and I have been out-and-about in this blinding white squall. Proceeding with only a very few municipal errands while spending as much time out-of-doors with the children as tolerable. Though the absence of much powdery accumulation inhibits our playful ambitions (for snowmen, snow angels, and/or snowball fights) there is more than sufficient icy terrain for slip-sliding and sledding.

Candace and I rig up a sled out of a laundry basket and a long sturdy strap, trading-off turns pulling the children around the grounds and neighborhood… before escaping another onslaught of blowing wind and ice into our warm & cozy home, where hot cocoa and steaming meals await us.

Even as the Night falls upon the town, and the children fall captive to their evening`s rest, I venture out – first to the Downtown area and then to the university campus… after which I consider dropping in on some friends unannounced but, thinking better of it, decide to circle around the nearby park before following the train tracks homeward.

I spend a long time out… thinking, and listening to the sonorous Quiet… to the symphonic emptiness of human-kind. Pausing before dark houses and wondering at the dreamings of others; hesitiating outside of Bars to listen to the raucous din… I wonder, and wander for a goodly stretch of hours.

All in all, a delightful and refreshing sojourn… that I intend to follow on the morrow`s eve.


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