Inclement Weather

The snow & ice comes far earlier in the day than we have been led to believe by our local weather authorities…

All of us saw this inclement weather coming, but the reports all maintained that it would not hit until the overnight hours between Friday and Saturday. Now it is but Friday morning, and the grounds are already powdered white and the sidewalks slickened with ice.

Murmurings amongst the faculty seem to incline towards an abbreviated day, for the sake of safe commutes for both students and teachers – but no such sentiment comes from the Administration on high. The day will continue on, as planned.

Afternoon extra-curricular activities are cancelled and/or postponed, but the academic day progresses according to schedule… even as a steady exodus of students (that is, those being picked-up by their parents) soon decimates the present population to a one-fourth, if even that much.

This is also the last day of the marking period and the required material for this Quarter has been exhausted – next Term`s material cannot be initiated (due to the absence of the majority of the student body), therefore the teachers are left “killing time” in a strange schedular anomaly. Leaving their students to entertain themselves with games or movies, most of the teachers direct their attentions towards entering their grading data into the system.

However, in our classroom there is still opportunity for education – even if the required curricular goals have been “exhausted” (whatever that might mean), there is always ample opportunity to study further and deeper than the institutional criterion demands… always, especially during days as anarchic as these.


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