My Treasure Thou Art

There is no bitter constraint to be found in the glad service to my LORD…

…I do not feel that I am somehow “missing out” on “living” by the easy indulging into wanton desire or inebriating my mind and spirit with chemical or sensual inducements.

Moreover, as someone whose forgotten past history is littered with such frivolous hedonism, I can offer a personal testimony of the emptiness and the lies behind every seeming-delectable promise. For every vain-addled pan of libertine excess there is one more chain that is wrought towards one own enslavement in Sin.

Praise GOD that He loosed my bonds and “enslaved” me into His service, snatching me out of the Darkness and setting my feet upon the Rock.

I am not cowered and fearful in this world, but bold and confident in He that overcame the world – resting not upon my own cunning, but trusting in the Wisdom that has come from above.

I do not mourn for the strictures that His perfect commandments demand, but revel in their pristine beauty and glory in the Light of their purity.

“…riches I heed not, nor man`s empty praise;

Thou mine Inheritance, now and always!

Thou and Thou only, be first in my heart;

High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art!”

The closer He draws me unto Him, the tighter His hold upon my heart and mind, the more of His radiant holiness I am given to behold.

Here now, in this late hour, I do contemplate my day. Listening to the sleeping sounds of my household, I wonder at His blessing upon me… me, so unworthy a servant.

Grace upon grace, and mercy upon mercy – my heartfelt thankfulness swells with each turn of the evening.


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