A New Opportunity

When one door is closed, another one is opened. So speaks one of the many optimistic utilitarian maxims of our opportunist culture, and such a case seems now apparent to me.

My current occupation is a blessing, more abundant in personal and professional enrichment than I could have ever hoped for – yet, there has recently emerged some contingencies which stand as stubborn obstacles for the financial maintenance of my household.

However, a colleague of mine shared with me a possible opportunity that could alleviate my concerns – an engagement of flexible hours and adequate reimbursement, adequate enough to supplement my wages in assuring the needs of my family… but there is a drawback, namely: Time.

The task is certainly not an arduous one – in fact it is a manner of “labor” which I would do of my own accord and at my own leisure, save for the particular constraints upon my schedule that a family, a full-time job, and a ministerial role demands. Essentially, the only negative aspect of this arrangement would be that its occurrence would likely have to follow hard upon the hours of engagement at my place of business.

In a word, I would be leaving the house in the morning and not return until after the Supper hour – an arrangement that is not altogether unprecedented in my career. I once worked at a school during the day and ran an after-school program for the YMCA until the early evening hours, usually arriving home in time to only eat Dinner, shower, and go promptly to bed.

When one door is opened, another one is likely closed. Candace and I will speak more upon these matters and we shall pray heartily about them.

May the LORD guide our steps to the path which He would have for us – for we desire nothing less.


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