Back To School

The familiar droning cacophony in the hallways in-between classes, the familiar schedule o` the hours of each school day, the thumping-bump jostling of the afternoon school bus, the familiar well-earned fatigue I feel as I finally return home and sink into the plush green cushions of my Living Room sofa.

Yes, we are back to school.

With a wry smile I concede that much of today was wasted, only insofar as it was mostly consumed with the acclimation of the students (and the teachers as well) to the rhythms and protocols of our particular academic schedule. There were a lot of yawning mouths and bleary eyes this morning, and not just from the students.

It seemed that, for a few rare moments in the first few morning periods, there was a creative energy pervading the campus – a feeling of intellectual zeal and industry. However, by the time the masses shuffled along into the Cafeteria for the Luncheon hour, it was the usual business of polite indifference. I don`t know, maybe it was just me… and my own inexpugnable feeling of hope in the midst of melancholic discontent.

Despite any of this, my students were their usual selves – and a joyful company at that. Though there were some initial minutes of emotional recalibration to the systematic grind of the public school environment, we all soon found our bearings and began or tasks in earnest.

`Tis good to be back…


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