Upon The Return

So the holiday season has come and gone, leaving a sweet echo in its wake – and now I linger o`er this night to contemplate the imminent return to my business of teaching, and the guidance of young minds.

I do confess that it is with no small eagerness that I anticipate their faces and voices on the morrow. Quickly I have ensnared and woven them to my heart`s love, they are like “second children” to me – lesser than those of my house but yet held fast to my attentions and concerns.

Much have I thought upon them over these holly days and looked forward to seeing them upon our return from this cheery csura… I do hope that they are all well, and have enjoyed this vacation.

Ah me, but the hour does grow late… and I should retire to bed.

So I shall… with thoughts of work and study (and all of that which is yet-to-come) swirling within my mind.


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