Upon The Passage Of The Year

…and with these last few precious seconds of this year of our LORD, I would like to pause in the midst of the silence of my house to close my eyes and contemplate the years I have seen and the years I have left to see.

Temporal death is my Fate, though Eternal Life is my Destiny. Before me, along the thoroughfare of Time, lays the next step in my journey.

I hesitate… whispers of my past echo in the faraway silences…

O, how the Death has stripped words from my speech… the Death has been walking with me o`er the passed days, speaking with hot breathing breaths in the shadows of Night. I seldom sleep, and never listen – but always am I hearing…

“Death!” my screams echo within me – my mouth utters not a word.

To persevere into the glad embrace of another Sunrise is my daily victory – a dim shadow of that Finished Work.

Amongst the Sons of Men I have no master – only peers and colleagues and allies and comrades and friends and brothers and…

…ah, yes…

…enemies, more than I dare to count.

Truly, they are Legion.

I hesitate… the last lingering seconds echo within my mind…

Before me is my table is prepared… fragrant Oil runs down my head and drips upon the arid wastelands, my dreams are tragic Overtures of blood and the Death – the Death is always near. The Light burns within me, the Light is LIFE…

My eyes open, the door of yesterday closes behind me – there is only now, and what is to come.

Flaring with sudden and brief tears, opening my eyes to gaze upon every tomorrow – I do not look back.

Behind me, the Wind roars and bids me, “Walk!”

I hesitate… for this is the day the LORD has made – and I step forward.


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