Where Is Your Joy?

Where is your hope, your gladness, your resolve of character, your joy in the midst of trials?

Are you so utterly conquered by the slings and arrows of life that you lie prostrate even before the very doorway of the Celestial City?

Can the delight of the all-wise bright LORD of Heaven and Earth be so easily stolen away by simple tasks and drudging tedium? Awake, O, Awake! The LORD`s return is ever and increasingly imminent!

Do you count yourself so much more than that of your Savior – He that was despised and rejected of men, a Man of Sorrows and better acquainted with grief than any natural man can ever know? Is all such darkness for you that you only resign yourself only to your own Death, that you ignore the crying voices of His lambs that wail outside of your very door? Awake you miserable sluggard, awake! Awake, lest you be shown to be the lying coward that your actions hint to be the truth.

From a rough and dirty stone, dug out of the deep earth`s blackness, is a diamond carved and fashioned into a radiant prism – dividing even the light of the Sun into a resplendence of color and hue.

How much more are you, a child of His handiwork, more precious to your Creator than many oceans of such gems? Are you not one of the many diadems that the One King wears upon Himself? Can you so casually flail yourself about in vain grievances? Would you call yourself His prince or His pauper, His gold or His dross?

Meek you surely are, as are we all, before His perfect face – but He would yet have you be a singing Swan, rather than a bawling Cygnet that laments its humble birth. I command you to sing, my Brother, sing!


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