O, Death…

As the year wanes away into the past, I think on the cold hard touch of Death that has pursued me throughout…

Of all the friends & family whom I have buried and bid adieu, of all my desperate implorings for those to fall upon the mercies of the Cross, of all those sainted dear departed for whom Death held no terror but a promise for a better resurrection, of the millions whom died never knowing Him (Matthew 7:21-23), of the millions whom died because of Him (Matthew 10:16-25).

Here, in these wee few days left of this year, I think on how the passage of a single year can mimic that of a single life – that one might count the countless days still left to pass, becoming soon despairing that one has but hours and minutes remaining.

O, that men knew of how brief their times were – that they should prize them more precious! O, that I would do what I do thus implore!

Even as the days of this year grow fewer, so to do those of men`s lives – as do the days of all mankind.


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