Upon A Christmas Eve…

The house is now quiet, but only relatively so…

Our friends have returned to their homes, leaving the lingering echoes of love and laughter in their wake. Tonight is the culmination of a long weekend`s celebration and all that now remains is the silence of the night.

We worshipped together during the daylight hours, singing Hymns in praise of the Incarnation`s wonder; praying in thankfulness both for His coming into the world and of His promise to return. Our few small voices roared in the vastness of our little chapel; our Minister drew our thoughts upon Him and uplifted us into the rare serenity of Soul that comes from hearing the plain teaching of the Gospel; we broke the Bread and shared the Fruit of the Vine in remembrance of Him… we departed in an exultant solemnity.

Eating, drinking, and merriment came soon after but not in vain frivolity. Our feasting and merry-making was one of the many manifestations of our affection for one-another that we were able to enjoy on this evening. As the evening waned late, we all bid each other a fond farewell and well-wishes.

So now, with the children nestled all snug in their beds, my wife and I remain awake – putting the finishing touches on the morning`s arrangements, while Handel`s Messiah plays in the background.

My thoughts remain couched upon Him on this night… of His lowly birth and humble life, of His teaching and of His miracles, of His love, of His death and Resurrection, and of His presence in the midst of His people.

O night… when Christ was born.


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