He That Came, He That Will Come

It is good to have a household filed with the sweet strains of talking and laughing voices of one`s friends and family.

This evening is the first of a three day get-together that we are hosting (tonight, Saturday, and then upon the LORD`s Day evening).

No doubt the numbers might fluctuate with the days and hours, but whosoever does come we shall be most grateful glad to play as their host.

Ah me, this is a lovely time of year… one that seems glazed in a shimmering mist of smiles and ebullient tunes; a time of remembrance past and far-flung hopes for days yet-to-come. Gifts wrapped under a dazzling tree of arbors; a table arrayed with a fragrant feast of scrumptious delights; cups o`erflowing with gourmet coffee and ciders and ales of different kinds; the young and old mingle together in fellowship, children clamber over the chests of their elders while parents tussle playfully with their younglings.

…but more than these simple creature comforts is the occasion which unites us during these times – the season we have designated to observe the coming of our LORD. We embrace each other in heart and raise our voices in good cheer, not in idle merriment for its own sake but for Him that has made us glad.

Under my roof this evening we are gathered in His name, to venerate His coming into the world… even as we wait for His return that is yet to come.


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