Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Tonight we ventured out into the mild (though still rather cold) evening – initially, we had meant to take in a Coach ride with Flash but it seemed that his master had taken him to the more profitable grounds in the happening parts of the nearby city.

So, we decided to make an outing of looking at all the Christmas lights around town. Not a bad “plan B” if I do say so myself.

First, of course, we would have to stop by Starbucks to make a humble offering to the global-corporate Leviathan of over-priced coffee-bean water.

Due to a minor oversight on one of the employee`s part, we actually managed to come out ahead in the exchange. Take that, you corporate behemoth!

The evening was sublime. While it seemed that we had perhaps departed out a trifle late (as many houses had already doused their lights for the evening) there were, nevertheless, no shortage of creative and/or kitschy displays for the children to babble excitedly over.

As the children sat in the back of the van, giggly prattling on in a silly assortment of childish thoughts and imaginings, the adults sat in the front talking of far more serious matters – and also of Hndel, for our ears were graced by the dulcet sounds of his magnum opus: Messiah. The recording that I possess is, in my humble opinion, the best version thus far rendered onto acetate.

It was a fine time; the only things that could have improved it would have been the presence of Benjamin and a few inches of snow on the ground.

The hour soon grew quite late. Departing from our friends for the evening, we returned home to tuck the children away in their beds.

However, my beloved and I stayed awake deep into the night… talking of many things.


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