End Of Autumn Term

Whew. Today was the last day of the first semester of the 2006-07 school year and we marked the occasion with a full day of informal festivities up at the school. Now it`s late and I am wearied. The accumulation of the days have taken their toll and I look forward to a restful and blessed reprieve before returning upon the turn of the year with renewed vigor.

Candace and the children joined us today, and it was wonderful to be able to participate in the festivities with them also. I think my colleagues enjoyed my wife`s company quite a bit and I know my students enjoyed my children’s presence, as my students have grown rather fond of Gaelynn and Israel during the few rare occasions that they are able to visit.

Watching Gaelynn so ably acclimate herself to her environment and conduct herself with such graceful open friendliness to the students was a lovely sight to behold. At one point, as we were leaving, she told me that she would perhaps like to become a Teacher – to which I immediately think that I ought to tell her that teaching isn`t all holiday parties and fun & games, but decide to just let it go. One learns those sorts of lessons soon enough.

Israel rambled around in his usual little-boy way, full of cuteness and gleeful yawps. The women teachers and parents fussed over him and played with his golden curls. However, he spent most of the time curled up in one of the hidden corners with Legos and Tinker-toys – occasionally belting out consonant snatches of Christmas Time Is Here and the chorus to Angels We Have Heard On High to the laughing applause of everyone in the classroom.

We stayed until the late afternoon hour and bid each student a fond farewell `til the turn of the New Year. I was surprised at how strong my feeling of longing for them was – as I have only known them for little over two months.

I wish them all a blessed holiday season, and I hope my colleagues enjoy their well-earned rests – that we all might come back together in January refreshed and restored for the tasks at hand.


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