Hungering For Her Touch

Candace had another appointment with her Obstetrician today… the check-ups are weekly now and will continue to be so until the birth of our child.

Everything is fine and progressing well. Case in point being the simple fact that Candace is at work this evening. I would not have her continue in her job so late in the pregnancy (now past 36 weeks) but her robust strength & health combined with the relative ease of her job, as well as our rather dire need, convinced me to grant it as a somewhat necessary an evil, so-to-speak.

She left after Supper, leaving the children and I to clear away the table and wash the evening dishes. Gaelynn cleaned the plates and cups while I bundled up the leftovers for tomorrow`s Luncheon – Israel did his part by pushing one of his toy trains around on the floor and making engine sounds.

Our night`s work completed, I decided that we should go out for a brief walk before the winds chilled to an uncomfortable cold. Arriving home a little while later, I made them hot cocoa to warm their tummies – after which, we read a really well done children`s version of Dickens` classic Christmas Carol.

Now, I am alone in the dark… sitting at my desk, awaiting my beloved`s return.

In a blustery Winter`s night such as this one, I long for her warmth.


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