Saturday Strollings

Candace was gone for most of the afternoon today, so the children and I spent much of this time outside… first I let the children scamper around the yard while I sat on the porch reading and then we went for a quick walk out to the meadow in the hopes of tracking wild game. We only saw some squirrels and a rabbit but it was a pleasant jaunt nonetheless.

In the early evening Candace arrived home. After she and I talked for a little while, we decided to head Downtown to let the children walk around in the Christmas lights along the path which runs parallel to the railroad line than spans a bent North/South axis through the township of Norman. As we started walking, we were pleasantly surprised that some of our friends were already there…

They had already left earlier on a similar endeavor as ours but decided to join us in taking another stroll through the gaily lit thoroughfare.

We all walked together, the children playing and Candace & Sasha chatting about who-knows-what. I hung back; taking “artsy fartsy” light-motion pictures of trains, cars, and Christmas lights.

There was a man there offering Coach rides courtesy of the labors of a broad-backed Noriker steed named Flash. While the children were more than eager to commission his services immediately, amongst the adults it was agreed that perhaps upon the following weekend might be a more opportune time for all parties concerned. After all, Benjamin was not there – and I know he would not wish to miss such a treat.

Gradually the winds bit harder, and the hour waned late. We made our ways home as our children`s eyelids grew heavier. I tucked my children into their beds, and bid them adieu to dreams of twinkling lights, massive horses, and roaring trains.

My beloved and I retired to time with each other. Day is done.


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