Broken Shards Of Reflection

How often do I accuse others of that which I am most guilty? I can be (and too often will be) harsh, unthinking, and insensitive; self-centered and obstinate – yet do I not o`erhastily accuse others after the same fashion?

Those without the Gospel of Jesus Christ might seek to suppress the Law written upon their hearts – yet when I so willfully Sin, do I not do much of the same? Is it not worse that I would be so ensnared – I who have been blessed so abundantly? It is not surprising that the blind stumble, but are not the seeing enabled to behold the way they should proceed? Are their stumbling not caused by dumb inattention or obdurate clumsiness?

Young as I still am in The Way, it is yet to my shame that my sleeping sensibilities will continue to be swayed by idleness and vanity. Neglect and imprudence would quickly be my undoing, were it not for His upholding hand.

At all times does the Spirit work in me, leading, guiding, and directing – yet how often have I been so consumed with lesser matters, that I forsake the higher calling of each blessed day?

I will not despair at this, for I have seen my error and am repentant of it – that I will turn aside and strive to continue it no longer. Let me be aware of His Grace in all of this, that His light shines forth to illuminate my own darkness.

May I be kept in this Light, that He shall winnow away all my flaws until I shine in the image of the Christ.


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