Wondering & Marveling

Is there anything upon the face of this earth that can satisfy the whole of man or rationalize his existence in the face of the yawning indifference of a seeming infinite universe?

Is there any great task or work which a man can put his hand upon and see to its completion that can stand as a sufficient purpose of his being? Is there any appetite which, upon being filled, does not soon hunger more – and whose appetite, upon complete satiation, does not therefore increase in its appetite? Can one not live a life or ever-perpetual sensual and intellectual stimulation, yet still die a death as anyone else?

Is this terrestrial ball, and all of its varied its pleasure within, all that is for mankind to know and/or experience? Is this all there is – and if not, what is there to live for and from where does that value originate and/or end in purpose?

Moreover, if one can answer any/all of these questions – how can one know that one knows what he/she knows?

For me… Life is nothing but to know Jesus Christ and be known by Him; to love and be loved by Him; to be fully assured (and thereby convinced) of an inevitable union with Him; to be redeemed, justified, and sanctified by His Spirit; to be His servant and His child, Born by His Spirit into new Life… this is the Answer to every question and the Question to every Answer.

Only in the bonds of Christ can one find the perfect Freedom that He offers and only His labor can one find rest for a Soul.


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