Yuletide Cavalcade

We arose and departed out into the bitter cold morning… the Sun shone forth in dazzling splendor, creating silverine cloud shadows against a fierce blue Winter sky.

The children began to giggle excitedly as we arrived, but I hesitated as I stepped out of the van… to smell the air and listen to the sounds which lingered in the serrated winds.

As we had arrived somewhat early on in the festivities, there was plenty of time to wander around a bit to take a look around at some of the things before deciding upon the most desirable vantage point to watch the Christmas Parade.

Underneath the marquee lights out in front of the Sooner Theatre there was a community jazz band playing Christmas Carols. There was also a little “lean-to” cafe next to the theatre that was dispensing free hot cocoa and popcorn while one of the Downtown banks that was giving out free hot Cider and baked goods. The combination of all these scents and sounds in harmony with playful children and jolly adults was a lovely sight. It almost seemed to be something out of different and unreal Era.

“…you asked me to come down and watch the parade…”

In time, the parade began with a pomp & circumstantial flourish of brass marching bands as well as an engine-powered flotilla of companies and public organizations. Handful after handful of colorful confections were thrown out into the street for the eager hands of children – a glimmering barrage of crushed candy wrappers to mingle with the strewn popcorn and pungent horse manure.

As the parade wound down, we decided to window-shop along Main Street with the children – to wander in-and-out of the various shops and boutiques, perusing the finer wares and discussing some of the artwork contained therein.

`Twas a lovely outing and, after a while, we decided it was time to come home – for the afternoon had waxed long, and we were weary from a festivity-filled morning. We spent the remnant of the day in quiet rest with one another, preparing for the LORD`s Day on the morrow.


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