“…a day that will live in infamy…”

Franklin D. Roosevelt famously declared that Japan`s devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 would “live in infamy” as he took the United States to war.

In his address to Congress, the US president raged that he was “still in conversation” with Japan in an effort to maintain the peace in the Pacific when torpedo planes and dive bombers wreaked havoc on the warships at anchor and killed more than 2,000 people on 7 December, 1941.

With apologies to my colleagues, I unceremoniously “hijacked” the class today for a study of December 7th 1941 and the consequences which hastily followed. For a good while I lectured on the events leading up to and following the attack upon Pearl Harbor before we watched an excellent educational film on the subject matter – which featured rare full-color footage of the events.

The children were riveted and I, as I so often do, marveled at their hunger for knowledge and understanding. I must say, for a group of supposed “handicapped” children, they sure kept me on my toes with the depth and breadth of their inquiries and insights.

Our discussion was engaging and I really feel like the children were able to come away with a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter. I suppose that, as a Teacher, I could not ask for anything more.


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