Tedium Te Deum

My work keeps me away from home throughout the early morning and late afternoon, arriving home as the last golden rays begin to sink `neath the silver-purple Horizon. Eager for the loving embrace of my precious ones.

We all sit down around the table for Supper, talking about the events of the day – Candace and the children tell me of their adventures at home (and about town), while I murmur weary anecdotes of my day`s labors. This is, quite likely, the best part of my day.

Following this, Candace must depart to das Kaffehaus to work an evening shift – not to return home `til near Midnight. An arrangement whose pragmatic necessity I heartily lament.

Nevertheless, my time passes quickly… I take the children on long walks around the neighborhood and we look at the Night sky; we read together and sometimes I just laze around on their floor watching them play their silly little games; we make popcorn and watch a movie together. Being gone for so much of the day, I try to make up for it in the evenings – though sometimes I must bid them play in their room as I work at my desk.

After the children were shuttled off into their soft bed, to dream dreams of children`s fancies, I await my Beloved`s return alone… staying up late into the Night, to watch the hours dance in the flickering candlelight.

She returns, and I greet her at the door. Relieved smiles are shared as we find such rest in each other`s presence.

The house is quiet in its sweet familiar way, low and sonorous in the late evening stillness. We recline upon a plush grass green sofa and talk… and talk… and talk. `Tis truly a rare privilege, but comes at a dear price: Time.

Our day has been long and another comes hastily upon the heels of waning Nightfall. This pleasure of shared company will be an expenditure of tomorrow`s energies – but it is more than worth the price of a somewhat increased weariness in the day that comes.


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