Doubting Doubt

Lindsey asks some important questions of herself in a recent article, and it prompted some thoughts of my own concerning the matter of doubt

“Matthew,” he asked me, “have you ever doubted your faith?”

“What do you mean?” I replied, “Doubted that my Faith is true, or that I am true to it… or perhaps something else?”

“Yeah,” he responded, “All of that sort of thing. Just doubted things in general.”

My Faith comes from first knowing that GOD is, and that He has revealed something of His Person within His Word. My issue of ultimate authority rests upon the perfection of His holy character and the inerrant efficacy of His revelations. I know “whom” and “what” He is, and my reason demands that I follow the logical implications of that assumption.

I can no sooner doubt that GOD is than I could doubt that I am – in fact, I can far easier doubt my own existence (which itself is only a stone`s throw from true madness) than I can doubt GOD`s. To pretend that one does not (or cannot) know that one exists (whom shall I say is asking?) is only useful in a purely academic sense – and even then, little could probably be gained in such an absurd exercise.

During the cold and lonely moments of my darker hours, I confess that I sometimes question my Salvation – that I know the snarling evil which still rests beneath a pious veneer and, in my weakness, I forget the power of Christ`s atoning work and, in my vanity, I think that I am somehow so filthy a Sinner that even Jesus Christ would not have died for me. In all of this I am soon utterly convicted by His word and made ashamed for my folly.

One might hide within a guise of “polite” intellectual skepticism, for the sake of some supposed ideological neutrality, but this is Death for a follower of The Way.

Verily, we are not granted the “liberty” to hold the Gospel as a dubious matter for contention, lest we show the falsity of our own profession.

If our Faith is truly in Him then we must not abandon our logical and reasoned Faith for some sort of speculative madness.

Doubt, without reason, is but a blind man`s vision.


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