A Puritan “Witch Hunt”

I also want to recollect something else that happened today… tho` more privily than the former journal entry – as my journal has recently grown a rather devoted readership amongst my co-workers.

This afternoon, during the Social Studies hour, we embarked upon that dark chapter of American History known as the Salem Witch Trials – with all of the usual exaggeration and embellishment of the Puritan era that liberal academic scholarship can muster through the dissemination of public school curriculums.

Yes, today I discovered that the Witch trials were the end result of a superstitious people gradually scaring themselves into a mass hysteria as a result of the mad ravings of “fire & brimstone” preachers and an utter fear/hatred of the natural world which became a paranoid sense of distrust – first towards nature itself, before giving way to an obsessive suspicion of each other. Eventually this flowered into a rabid progression and militant ethos of conformity… and so forth and etc.

To read the material that was provided, one would come to believe that the American Puritans slew their own citizenry en masse in search of some spiritual utopia of conformity – that even the slightest deviation from the accepted norms was sufficient cause for a short drop and a sudden stop in the Hangman`s noose.

I look over this material with a forced smile that soon bends into an angry sneer. Over the course of my lecture, I attempt to dismantle as much of this propaganda as possible within an hour`s span. Granted, I do not ignore the crimes committed during the passage of this era but neither do I seek to bend the events of history to suit my own agenda.

No doubt I would make a rather poor professional Academic – all the same, I think I am an adequate Teacher.


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