Praise, All Things

“Don`t sweat the small stuff” A pithy colloquial expression of our culture which, I believe, is meant to implore one to not to cast their worries upon needless concerns – and to the spirit of this middling aphorism I can offer my consent. There are many things within this world with which one should occupy towards the forefront of their thoughts – yet a great many more that too often take an unearned priority.

Yet I do wish to “sweat the small stuff” in how I would praise the LORD, for even the most “common” a miracle is still a wonder to behold. The wonders of human senses, and of the Soul itself – the mind incorporeal. That I can even discern anything of the universe is such a miracle. Verily, I can and do praise Him for the eternal Atonement of his people and for the daily renewal of my mind by the ministry of the Spirit – while I also I thank Him for the honest trifles of dewy golden Dawnings and vast star-filled Midnights, and all the blessings contained within.

Does not this bearing force one into a broader and deeper appreciation for those higher mercies? If one can see the abundant Grace contained within even the ability to lift one`s own finger, how much more so does one understand the power and majesty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here and now, at this late hour in the early days of this new month, may my thankfulness for the miraculous in the mundane increase – and my Soul sing a new song for the All-Wise, bright and beautiful LORD of Creation.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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