The Weather Outside Is Delightful

Yesterday, from the late afternoon into the early evening, the air grew colder as silver and gray clouds rolled overhead.

What began as sprinkles of raindrops soon became sleeting ice… and then, snow. This morning we awoke to no less than three inches, with accumulation continuing throughout the day.

Having been made aware (the night before) that my school would be closed for this day and the next, due to the inclement weather, I looked forward to a long weekend with my beloved ones… and the snow.

We start the day with a large breakfast; the children`s excitement hastens their little bites as they eagerly devour the morning meal.

Finishing first, I throw on my heavy overcoat and saunter out into it – hoping to get some good photos of our house and grounds (in all of its Wintry garnish) before the pristine beauty is sullied by the children`s many footfalls, snow angels, disastrous snowman attempts and other sorts of childish destruction.

After being bundled up by their attentive mother, the children emerge out-of-doors with peals of gleeful screams – and halting half-slipping steps.

For all of its smooth harmonious illusion, the snow drifts range from powdery soft in some parts of the lawn to the slick-hard white ice of the driveway and roadsides.

Well-insulated under layers of sweaters and jackets, the children hurl themselves about like giggling dervishes – inflicting themselves upon the fantastical environs.

Soon the raw cold creeps in, between the thick scarves and heavy coats – through the soggy mittens. Their cheeks aflame in creamy shades of pinkish red, I can tell that it is time for hot cocoa and cookies.

We retire indoors, soothed by the infusion of the dry warmth and the jangling tones of certain beloved Yuletide tunes.

Candace and Gaelynn work in earnest, measuring and mixing the ingredients carefully – whilst Israel and I conspired to partake of as much pre-cooked cookie dough as we could pilfer from under the watchful eyes of Momma and Sister.

Batch after batch is cooked, fogging up the windows of our household. The sweet fragrance of chocolate chip cookie fills the house – combining with the music and good cheer to create a dreamy ambiance of ease with which we enjoy each others company.

Now, it is indeed time for an adventure…

With an overabundance of cookies, we venture out into the blustery white to make some deliveries of our homemade confections.

In truth, we just wanted an excuse to go out and about.

A few other idle errands are taken care of along the way, and we return under a dark lavender sky that is swirling with innumerate snowflakes. Verily, we are thankful to be so safely returned to the quietude of our home after the manic hustle-bustle of town.

Watching out the window as the cars pass by, I think upon many such evenings I have enjoyed in the past. Mellifluous remembrance floods my mind.

The storm rages outside, while peace reigns within.


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