The Importance Of Being Earnest

There`s a verse in the Scriptures (somewhere in Ecclesiastes, I believe) which teaches that whatever sort of work or toil that a person encounters, they are to undertake it with the utmost of their might – that beyond this “mortal coil” the time of man`s labors and/or maneuverings is at an end.

Now, I would leave an exhaustive unfolding of the eschatological implications of this verse for other days – or better studied and wiser men than I on such matters. Rather, I wonder at how the initial awareness of this verse (as it was quite early-on in my faith) has carried through into my person – as my days have lengthened into years, and as I have matured from a spiritual infant into a precocious child of His household.

Within my mind, I know myself to be a man of boundless ambitions – easily flummoxed by untold circumstance or even my tempestuous whims. That sometimes I have too earnestly sought for that opportunity which has lain ahead of me upon the far horizon, whilst Providence has placed me within a time place to better serve Him immediately. Missing this chance, I could only look back upon it to lament my folly.

Even so, I would say that I also endeavor to look upon the “mundane” tasks of occupation and domesticity as being ideal occasions for which one can submit oneself to the glad yoke of service. That I hope to wash the dishes and care for our grounds with cheerful vigor and without any base resentment, in the same way that I assist my colleagues in the education of young people at the school where I work.

If one does see the transitory tasks as virtues in themselves, as I do, how much more so would be the higher things of one`s service to GOD. If I would preach to a man but remain unwilling to care for his lesser needs, do I not demonstrate a hypocrisy of utter indifference to his material person?

No, whatsoever (or whomsoever) comes across my path, I am to devote myself to serving them with extent of my capacity – nothing less.

Time is nothing if not ever-fleeting, and my days are ripe with manifold moments in which to serve – let me not neglect any of them.


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