“…same as the old boss.”

Pastor (and current president of Southern Seminary) R. Albert Mohler recently wrote on a burgeoning trend amongst the more prominent proponents of Atheism, a brash and strident breed that represents what has come to be described as “the New Atheism” (which sounds just catchy enough to capture the imagination of disgruntled pseudo-intellectuals and the massive throngs of disaffected college students).

This New Atheism seems to represent a departure from the Atheist as a passive and/or indifferent observer of the religious mores of one`s culture, into a more proactive (and, dare I say, “evangelistic”) activist with the goal of usurping religion`s place as a the underlying dynamic of human civilization. How… perfectly ironic.

What ideological revolutionary is at the forefront of this movement? Who else but Richard Dawkins, the clbre universitaire behind such profundities as memes, selfish genes, and of course Teapot Atheism.

I think Mohler captures the appeal of someone as forthcoming as Dawkins because he “is willing to say what many other atheists think. Indeed, he is willing to say what other atheists must think, but are unwilling to say for one political reason or another.”

Verily, `tis a curious inconsistency amongst lay-Atheists and/or Agnostics that I too have noticed in my experiences of personal dialogue – but I do not think that Dawkins goes quite far enough so as to embrace the ultimatum of his views, as evidenced by the fact that he believes one “ought” not believe in a religion or faith. The concession of the implications of “oughts” and “shoulds” easily demonstrate the inescapable problem of fatal self-contradiction for one as vociferously naturalistic as Mr. Dawkins.

However, I must concede that I nevertheless encourage this sort of “openness” within the skeptical contingent of all paradigmic strains, perhaps this sort of intellectually “rigorous” approach might show something of the untenability of naturalistic Atheism/Agnosticism in its logical outworking – or, at the very least, demonstrate just how obnoxious some Atheists can be.


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