Giving Thanks

Today and tonight my family celebrated Thanksgiving – my immediate family of wife and children, and the extended family of Brethren from my church. Everyone contributed something to the meal but the two matrons of the families outdid themselves in arranging a glorious feast for all to partake.

Indeed, the food was unsurpassed in seasonal variety and delicious savor but it was the charms of our dear fellowship that made the evening what it was – the meal only enhanced the sweetness of the hours we spent together.

At one point, with stomach full and mind content, I stretched out on one of the couches in my Front Hall… just listening to it all.

I heard all of the various conversations at once, as well as the tinkling warbles of the children playing – the blended sound of the different voices around me…

Valerie, Sasha, and Benjamin in the Dining Room talking and laughing boisterously; Candace and Michael out on the front porch speaking in reserved and earnest tones; the disparate musics of Sufjan Stevens, Patty Griffin, Erik Satie, and the Tommy Dorsey Band… all of it harmonizing into the soundscape of a delicious evening.

The festivities lasted late into the Night (or, if you will, early into the Morn) and yet it seemed to end (as all such gatherings often do) far too soon.


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