Quot Homines Tot Sententiae

It is given to every man a certain span of days with which he might trod upon the earth, and it is the responsibility of that man that he put that time to prudent and constructive use. When I think on this, in light of certain controversies and disputes which I have encountered, I cannot help but despair at how much one`s own time is wasted in foolish dialogue of trivialities.

There are so many individuals whom create a vast mist of inconsequence by their authoritative espousals on matters which they have neither the wisdom nor the credence to see the ultimate triviality contained within – questioning inanities and analyzing the minutiae of things which bear so little significance.

It is not the questioning and discussions which strikes my nerves (for I am a great aficionado of both engagements) but it is the substance of such matters which I wonder. Endless prattlings on about a certain television show, exhaustive analysis into the tendencies of an athletic competition, speculative ideological exchanges which are grounded only in bantering about the absurd… ad infinitum. They all talk and talk and talk… and at the end of the night, the great yawning emptiness of eternity remains unfilled within the Soul.

Something Augustine once wrote comes to mind, something about people traveling the lengths of the world for amusements while the miraculous surrounds them at every hour of the day…

I include myself amongst this lot – and with this understood, let me endeavor to make it not so. There are so many questions and affairs which deservedly demand my attention over that which is not needful.

May I strive to be always about my Father`s work.


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