Hungering… Thirsting…

Again it comes to me in the wee sleepy hours of the night… these pithy thoughts of growth, of growing in Faith.

Tonight I have thought upon how my hunger for the depths of understanding GOD have only increased as my knowledge and wisdom have. That the more I come to understand and the clearer a countenance is revealed, the greater my hunger and thirst for His absolute beauty. Surely, it is something akin to what that ancient Bard wrote: “as if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed upon.”

In the early days of my still infantile understanding, I marveled at how so many of the supposed “mysteries of the ages” seemed as rudimentary as a child`s primer – and now I recall those days with amusement, at my utter simplicity on such matters. That for as much as I had been granted a precious insight into the steel behind the works, there were (and are) still so many more marvels to behold.

My mind turns back to thoughts and conversations of the days gone by… of late nights studying the Word in earnest, of easy afternoons reading His Word for the simple pleasure of its dulcet majesty… of the dance of ideas which it springs forth… of the discussions with others, speaking to them with passionate fervor and listening to their thoughts with a loving stillness.

Yes, my increase of appetite has grown exponentially by what it has fed upon. May the LORD continue to bless me with a closer walk with Him.


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