Grow Stronger!

Strength. Strong in Faith, strong in the Faith. Strength. I can measure my growth in years, in tears and prayers eagerly seeking His radiance to burn away the impurities of my heart. Of convictions and late night agonies over my many many many foolishnesses.

If I am considered at all “faithful” in how my outward profession of Christ as LORD has never wavered, it is only by His Faithfulness towards me that I stand true. As He does not leave His children to themselves but keeps them in Him. Unceasing, inexhaustible, indomitable is His faithfulness.

For any and all of the numerous times where I have stumbled, I cannot fault the abundant Providence of the LORD but my own idle neglect. Wandering and stumbling in my own obdurate vanity. How quickly I am wont to follow my own guile in the face of pragmatic want, forgetting the One from Whom all blessings flow. Blinded by prideful ambition and carnal desire as my diligence wanes, soon to stumble and lament. O, I am forgetful!

My path of years is littered with Sins of “best” intention, of stumbling blocks and idle words. Yet, I am sustained by He that cannot Lie, and Whose intent and actions are Pure. He has wrought a work in me that He shall complete.

Verily, I have been reborn in Him and I remain but I child – yet still do I yearn to grow stronger with each passing day. By His Grace alone, and for His glory alone.

As I prepare to close my eyes in sleep on this cold November evening, let my thoughts be girded by His Word… preparing for what tomorrow brings.


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