Rome Was Not Burned In A Day

Of all the countless factors which contributed to the fall of Rome, I wonder at exactly what part the Christian faith played at hastening the inevitable collapse…

Rome was built upon the premise of a continuity of being between the temporal earthly and the transcendent divinity, such that the state became divinity. The state was preeminent over all existence and representative of the order of the universe. All its diverse citizens embodied within the unified one. Obliteration of the personal into the universal. Caesar as divinity over the state, representative of the state and the state incarnate. Roma locuta: “Rome has spoken!”

Into this self-contradictory flux came the Carpenter from Juda, and His children… sweeping across the Mediterranean, reclaiming Lost Sheep from every tribe and tongue. Shaking the world again and again. IXOYE.

While all of the “mystery” and “pagan” religions of the day were quite willing/able to interact symbiotically underneath the preeminence of the Cult of Rome, the Christian faith was (and is) utterly irreconcilable with such pluralistic universalism.

As Rousas John Rushdoony wrote: “…Christianity asserted the absolute division of the human and the divine. Even in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the human and the divine were in union without confusion…

Thus, divinity was withdrawn from human society and returned to the Heavens and to GOD. No human order or institution could claim divinity and thereby claim to represent total and final order.

By de-divinizing the world, Christianity placed all created orders, including church and state, under GOD.”

Rome fell. It had its days of wine and roses before fading into the distant obscurity of ancient recollection. This thing, all things devours.


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