A Sweet Slowness

Candace worked a mid-evening shift today at das Kaffeehaus, leaving at around the Dinner Hour to return home by a little while after the chirldren`s bedtime. So the children and I went for a little walk, out in the fresh Autumn breezes.

`Tis so beautiful to behold this time o` year. The dusking light can make such marvels with the pale golds, browns and reds of the falling leaves – there is a strange un-reality of it all that I can not quite describe…

We walked down to the Meadow, around the Bend to Grove… there and back again. Gaelynn implored me to tell her “Just One More” stories – a habit that she and I have developed wherein I will fabricate some idle fantastical for her and she will, in turn, ask me for just one more in continuation. A silly charade that we both enjoy, as I often will “finish” one story with a comically precipitous cliffhanger – such that the “ending” demands the closure of yet anohter Act.

In the distance, we heard the roars and fanfares of Memorial Stadium – the Gladiatore Spectaculum of big-time collegiate athletics. My children typically seem both amused and fearful at this local spectacle, and there attentions were too easily swayed by the Sparrows circling overhead and the Geese in chevron flight.

When their cheeks and noses turned a deeper shade of pink, I knew that it was time to return home. But before we returned into our cozy house, I bid my children sit with me in the yard to watch the setting Sun.

Together we beheld the ending of this day, and it was sweet. May the LORD give us many more together.


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