Caveat Venditor

No school today (Teacher`s In-service) but I still leave out early in the morning. Staff meeting and first-week evaluation – an evaluation to give me a bit of insight into how quickly I`ve “caught on” to the tasks and responsibilities of my position.

I find it curious that I would receive an evaluation so quickly, but it seems that the particular delicacy of my role requires that the administration keep a sharp eye out. Upon reflection, I see some of the wisdom in this approach. Paranoid, but prudent.

Sitting at one end of a long table, I await whatever constructive criticism might come my way… I consider myself a hard worker with an eager willingness to perform my task at the utmost of my talents, and there is always room for improvement. Even in baseless disparagement there can sometimes be gleaned precious few golden nuggets of a true criticism. I am ready.

Praise. Forty-five minutes of commendation and smiling approval, I timed it just to be sure. Yeah, it was a little bit surreal and uncomfortable.

After the evaluation, I meet up with the other teachers and share some of my ideas concerning some possibilities for improvement that I see in the overall structure of the department. Including a problem I have with our students going to Home Economics during the First Hour of the day.

Now it`s not that I have anything explicitly against the cooking/sewing course material (though I typically find Home Economics classes to be superfluous, in general) but that the atmosphere of the class itself makes it little more than a holding cell for juvenile hooligans. Frankly, I don`t want the students in my care to have to be in such an environment… but where else would they go?

Always ready to wield authority and push my own agendas, I pounce upon this opportunity and offer my services to conduct a class of my own: The History of Music, an informal survey of the different forms and Musical cultures over the last 5000 years of Human history.

Off the top of my head I describe a basic syllabus and curriculum to which my superiors are impressed, encouraging me to propose it before the “higher-ups” in administration. My class is approved within the hour and I am budgeted a small stipend to cover miscellaneous expenses. Nice.

Now, all I have to do is fashion the material for this new class out of thin air. Uh…


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