“…I am tired, I am true of heart…”

Today is my first day as a Special Education & Resource Teacher at the school where I am employed…

…it was a fast-paced and event-filled day, and now I am weary. That delicious bone-aching weariness that comes from having forced oneself to adjust and adapt in harried environs, and given oneself to others to one`s utmost capacity – not merely without showing strain but with the demonstrance of a cheerful and genteel bearing… and a true one.

I feel near-completely spent, though now given to a “second-guessing” contemplation of today`s dance o`er the hours. I cannot help but wonder at my words and actions, at how I answered their questions and questioned their answerings – at how I crouched low to speak into their searching eyes, while also lifting their chins to look ever-upward.

Yet, there were other times when the cold steel of helplessness would creep into the undulations of my forethought… and mellifluous achievements were too-oft stolen by my grim-hard reasoning and pragmatic foresight – but never were my children not beautiful to me.


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