Orientation Express

Today I went up to Central offices to complete all of the preliminary paperwork and orientation for my new job, it only took about an hour – then I drove across town to my school to introduce myself to my fellow teachers and to get to know my students a little bit before my first day, which shall be Monday.

I hit it off with the children right off the bat. When the classroom teacher introduced me to the class, I heard one of the boys murmur that he was glad they finally got a “man teacher” instead of a woman. `Twas something of a small confirmation of one of my many theories about the role of gender within the sphere of authority in public school education – a field that is overwhelmingly dominated by women, but I digress…

My official “title” is Special Education & Resource Teacher, which seems to be a succinct enough way of describing my role within the larger agenda of the school. I work with children of various extremities of mental and physiological impairment… some are of highly functional intellect but almost completely disabled physically, whilst others are of opposite extremes – and all manner of degrees in-between.

They seem excited for my arrival (both students and fellow teachers) and I am eager to get to work. I look forward to everything that this opportunity promises for me, both in arduous struggles and tiny triumphs.


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