Praise Answered Prayer

“Praise should always follow answered Prayer; as the mist of Earth`s gratitude rises when the sun of Heaven`s love warms the ground.”

– Charles Haddon Spurgeon

After much searching and many difficult days, I have finally acquired gainful employment – not only thus, but a fine job doing what I love: Teaching. This prayer of mine that I have yearned for… and now it is answered. Praise GOD.

The LORD has been good to me and I will lift my Spirit in praise-filled prayers of thanksgiving and loving tenders of my affection for this sweetness – like the ripened fruit which falls upon the nourishing soil, so to will I rest upon my knees in thankfulness. He has given me yet another sign of His promises for me in this new mission, and I know that He will bless the work of my hands in this new undertaking – for He is eternally faithful.

Still, there remain many difficulties to overcome and I must not relent in seeking the LORD`s Blessing – that He would manifest Himself in my life, and that I would seek to glorify Him in all that I endure by suffering and enjoy in blessing.

On this evening I can, through tear-stained eyes, testify to His goodness to me in this new providence – and thank Him for this new opportunity to serve and my fellow Man.


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