So Shall I Reap

So… this morning I leave the warm coziness of my home to traverse `cross town for a job interview with a local public school (grades 6th through 8th). Without the harried preponderance of mishaps which accompanied an interview during last week, I strolled into the building this morning calm and collected – and quite chilled from the frigid Norther that beat upon the treetops out of dull gray skies.

I arrived a good fifteen minutes early, and spent the time conversing with the other candidates – all of whom believed that the interview time of 9:00am was for them “Well,” I suggested, “perhaps we are all going to be interviewed by different people at the same time?” This was met with unsure agreement amongst the others but when the administrators called us back all at once, I realized that this was to be a simultaneous interview. Not completely unheard of, but rather unconventional – in my own experience anyways.

The meeting went rather well – it was surprisingly brief, especially considering all the factors involved, but professionally managed. Before the hour was up, we were finished and I was on my way to my next interview appointment – a local high school.

As I drove off, I started to reflect on the preceding and contemplate my “performance” so-to-speak… as well as my competition. With the exception of myself, the field of candidates were 30-40 year old women – all of whom has degrees in Education or child-care related areas. They responded to the questions and scenarios put forth in the conventional ways – while I did as I always do, I spoke from my heart and from my convictions… which is why I probably have a hard time finding work in general, I`m just very good at answering diplomatically.

By the time I reached the next interview, I had already discounted the possibility of being hired for the previous position – and anticipated the polite phone call to come, regretting to informing me that they had decided upon another candidate and that they appreciated my interest. Ah well, c`est la vie…

The second interview went very well, and again I was confronted by a professional educator who lauded both my experience and the glowing terms of my previous employment references. Even as to go so far as to suggest that I was applying for a position that was far beneath my qualification. To this I could only describe my experiences at the prejudice of others.

I left the high school parking lot feeling as though the job was mine for the taking.

After returning home and briefly relaying the occurrences of the morning, as well as preparing for another trip across town (for a job interview at the local hospital), I received a phone call from the Principal of the Middle School I had visited earlier that morning. The position of Special Education & Resource Teacher was mine and I could start on Monday. Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow.

Uh… but what about the other school(s), and the hospital where I was a likely candidate for two positions?

Do I just jump at the first opportunity that comes my way or do I wait around for the better deal?


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