Here I (still) Stand

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything.

Samhain… All Soul`s DayAll Saint`s DayAll Hallow`s EveHallowe`en.

Yes… `tis that time of year again.

When the fruitful blossoms yellow and fall. When tranquil blue skies turn gray and ripe with bitter wind. When the heathen and the pagan walk arm-and-arm through the fog of ritual…

This is a familiar chorus, as I have sung it in several previous Seasons hence – and now I continue the song, singing along the path that I yet clumsily trod. What does a Christian do with or about this vile Holiday?

I have read the words of others in recent weeks… some clamor for engagement in dialogue while others still ardently desire to refrain from embracing this festival to the macabre fantasies of man`s imaginings. Myself, I would be glad to take or leave the day… were it not that I am a man in authority over others.

While I can see many valid arguments to treat such occasion as something of a witnessing opportunity, I cannot help but wonder precisely sort of true Christian witness could be accomplished by a fifteen second exchange in which one is expected to drop tiny delectables into a child`s satchel? Perhaps the sentiment that we are to share His Light with others by keeping our porch-lights illuminated for the neighbors – telling them: “We are citizens of another Kingdom where The Light is always on.”

Moreover… as this day also happens to mark one of the most pivotal historic moments in Western Civilization, I see no great tragedy in endeavoring to “redeem” the day by leaving our porch-lights dark and assembling together to mark this occasion in song, sermon, and/or celebration for the work of the LORD throughout the ages – and to remember those dear departed that came before us, giving their lives for the freedoms that we now so easily take for granted.

Verily, I do not pass judgment upon my Brothers for such a trifle as this idle festival… but I do wish for them something far more precious.


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