“…what is it in me that you hate so much?”

Why have you done this thing, father?

Why is it that so little has changed over such a long course of events?

How is it that I am still so despised by you?

What have I done which deserves your undying wrath?

What is it in me that you hate so much?

Have I not tried to serve and aide you in any manner of my ability or circumstance? Have I not taken great pains to honor and obey you within the extent of my conscience? Have I not sought to learn from the wisdom of your years and magnify you above myself, even in the midst of disagreement? Moreover, have I not stood valiant against even my own kindred in defending your place as patriarch of your own household? What is it in me that you hate so much?

How have I failed in any of these things that you should find fault in my desires to serve you as a loving son? Why do you continue to attempt to subvert my place within my own household in spreading false aspersions and hurling scurrilous invective at me in conversations with my own dear wife? While I have time and time again offered well-reasoned explanations of my various ambitions and endeavors, why is it that you continue to belittle these choices with only attacks upon my character (that hold little or no relevance to the matter at hand)? What is it in me that you hate so much?

If there appears any love of myself or personal vanity in these words, then please forgive the limitations of my speech to convey the plain truth of the events of our relationship. I do not wish to place myself above you in some chair of judgment, but I am crying out at you in the pain of one that feels he has suffered an unjust wrong at another`s hand.

Even in this, my father, please explain to me the violation which might have somehow provoked (if not deserved) this cruel treatment at your hands. Verily, I know of my limitations and frailties all too well – and am willing to admit that I am bound by my own perspective on the issues.

I am, as you are, but a simple man – nevertheless, I ask that you only (if nothing else) grant me the courtesy that you might extend to a common stranger… though it ought to be of far deeper munificence.

While we are certain to not be of one mind on various affairs, let us (at least) be even and direct with one another as men. Please, my father, I beg of you not to despise me in this baseless and unfounded manner.


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