Time Together

Intertwined within each other in the early predawn hours…

all is still, save for our shared rhythmic breaths.

A quiet morning without hastening to any single task in particular,

locked in sacred embrace upon our fragrant wedding bed.

Dawn creeps in through the rustling purple curtains,

I hear the distant whine of commerce and technology

as the city awakens with the rising Sun.

Slow and gentle, finding ourselves immersed in each other`s warmth…

patience and tenderness; we dance together in harmony

as if to an old familiar tune.

Our souls entangled in each other and the roots run deep,

we are two made into one flesh that none upon this earth can part.

It is the way of things, that which He has established.

Within His forever mind, He created me for another (and another for me), that we might be brought into one holy union;

His omnipotent hand crafting a shared life… even creating new life within that life.

Life within life.


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