Redeeming The Hours

I have been putting the finishing touches on this semester`s house schedule over the last hour or so and have come to what I believe to be the best format, all things considered:

 	06:00 	wake-up

 	morning Prayer & devotional

07:00 	Breakfast

 	morning outing

 	(Candace leaves for classes)

 09:00 	Matthew`s time of study

 	children`s free play

12:00 	Luncheon

 	quiet time for rest & study

03:00 	household clean-up

 	(Candace returns from classes)

04:00 	afternoon outing

05:00 	Supper

06:00 	baths & evening preparations

07:00 	evening Prayer & devotional

 	evening study time

09:00 	children`s bed-time

 	household clean-up

10:00 	lights-out

The term “preparations” is a general way of describing individual tasks or routines associated with the time of day. Though not noted above, morning “preparations” will occur before the morning outing and would include getting dressed, brushing teeth/hair and so forth – as the evening “preparations” would likely consist of the same sorts of various and sundry activities, except it would obviously be of a different context.

We are also experimenting with a different approach to the children`s education, in dividing it up into three sections through out the course of the day – as opposed to simply designating an entire segment of the day to overall studies.

The earliest section will consist of more experiential learning – that is, trips to the library, the university, museums and so forth. In the afternoon, it will be geared towards Scripture, basic Logic, and Mathematics – as Israel will likely be napping during that time, giving Gaelynn the equanimity she needs for such endeavors. At the latter end of the day will be Reading/Writing and more creative ventures – activities that can include the entire family, engaged at our respective pursuits in our Dining Room.

Also, the schedule reaches a careful balance of meal-times – giving approximately five hours between meals, save for the overnight period from Supper until Breakfast. This duration will be supplemented by a light snack for the children, before they go to bed.

In the same manner of past house schedules, these times are all approximate. Sometimes wake-up and lights-out are going to be a little earlier and/or later depending upon circumstances; for example, visiting friends or family.

My paramount desire is to provide a general agenda from which the day`s course can be plotted, thus maximizing the efficiency of waking hours.

It is my hope that I have wrought something (out of the vast nebulous substance of minutes and hours) that sings sweetly of order and harmony.


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