A War Against Womanhood

It without much reservation that I concede that I do not have much to do with Feminism – which is to say that I find it neither threatening to my own masculinity nor even remotely detrimental to the cause of Christianity.

Certainly, it has had a discernable effect on the culture/society in which I currently dwell (where it is both utilized and misunderstood by those on many sides of the issue) and, as a result, has impacted the Church through the course of the modern era. While it has probably not influenced the Church in the sense that most Feminists would have liked, the way that an idea infects and mutates from one generation to the next is often reflected in that generation`s religious inclinations.

As for me, personally, I was able to observe something of an experiment of Feminist ethics (specifically, within the context of gender roles and interpersonal relationships) upon the lives of my two younger sisters, from their childhood through the adult years which are in progress. With the clarity of hindsight, I am able to see the harm done – and its repercussions upon the lives of many.

Consider this article by the liberal Feministic New York Times (redundant, I know) journalist – Maureen Dowd:

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