A Brief Respite

In the very pinnacle of the Summer, when the blossoms are dry and bent under the overpowering heat – wilting for want of thirst… When the cloudless days have grown long… The LORD, in His everlasting mercy, showers forth from the Heavens the countless blessings – out of the inexhaustible abundance of His love… Sometimes, … Continue reading A Brief Respite

PCA Rejects Proposal To Pull Kids From Public Schools

The debate continues: Should Christian parents remove their children from anti-Christian public schools?

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly this month “overwhelmingly” rejected a proposal to urge PCA parents to do so; but the issue is not going to go away, promised the author of the resolution.

“It`s too important to stop,” said Steven Warhurst, who brought the proposal to the assembly. “We will continue to plug away at it. Maybe we`ll do better addressing the issue to the presbyteries [governing bodies representing groups of local churches] than to the General Assembly.”

Warhurst, a teaching elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church (Kingsport, Tennessee), wrote the resolution and submitted it to the denomination`s resolutions committee. The committee voted against it, 32-10, but allowed a debate and a vote on the floor of the assembly.

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