Dance Of The Hours


After breakfast, the children and I spent most of the morning hours outside.

Israel was in an ornery mood and so he was forced to content himself in great grunting struggles with gravity and the various flying/crawling insects he felt inspired to chase. Gaelynn was content to work hummingly in the flowerbeds and keep her little brother from straying too far.

I divided my attention between the children and a rather disturbing book. Read more out of obligation to loved ones than personal edification, every turn of the page introduced an additional idiocy postured as a deep spiritual rumination. Here we go again…

After Candace comes home from the Greenhouse on her bike, we all load in the van and head back there to pick up some plants.

Cal and Ron are there – and so is a certain dogmatic Evolutionist professor, whom I will not name. His handshake was limp-wristed and his bearing was almost devoid of even a cursory degree of masculinity – a living caricature of the cloistered academic. Nevertheless, this is still a man imbued with His precious image – and a man that needs the Gospel.

We return home and relax for a bit after partaking of Luncheon. Candace works on the computer while I stretch out on the bed and read. Gaelynn plays and Israel naps.

Soon my beloved joins me on the bed and we share a brief afternoon nap.

The Sun continues to move across the sky…

Afternoon. A few tasks and errands lead us to the dinner hour.

A picnic dinner is in order. Easy as a walk in the park.

The children play with each other and are comfortable among the others at the park. I spend much of the time listening to the glorious evening serenade of the wind through the leaves and the children and the streets and the beating of my heart.

Shadows grow long and as my mind continues to wander, we return home – ushered to our doorstep by flitting fireflies.

I linger outdoors to nourish the outside plants and grasses with water – as most of the flora prepares to rest, while the grasses are just beginning to awaken for their nocturnal revelry of growth. How marvelous are the Father`s ways, so wise is His design and lovely to behold.

Candace is busily tending to the affairs of the house, as Gaelynn earnestly tries to help. Her awkward but well-meaning efforts are endearing – and she takes her place as eldest daughter very seriously. I am fascinated with her.

Israel is tired and cranky. In rising before Dawn, his day has been a long one. He will rest well this evening. Within minutes of laying down in bed, he is asleep. Breathing deep in a deep, deep sleep.

No rest for the diligent – and even as I am writing this, my wife continues to bustle about the house. Her day started earlier then any of our house, and she will not rest until all of the evening`s errands have been settled.

The hour grows late.


When the day is done, down to earth then sinks the Sun…

Along with everything that was lost and won, when the day is done.


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