Redeeming The Hours

I have been working on the house schedule for about an hour or so and have come to what I believe to be the best format, all things considered:

all times approximate

	08:00 	wake-up

	meal-time prayer


	morning preparations

09:00 	morning Scripture reading (Psalms/Proverbs)

	morning walk

10:00 	children`s free play

12:00 	meal-time prayer


	mid-day Scripture reading (Epistles)

	quiet time for rest or study

02:00 	afternoon walk

03:00 	children`s free play

05:00 	household chores

	supper preparations

06:00 	meal-time prayer


07:00 	evening walk

08:00 	evening Scripture reading (Gospels)

	evening preparations

09:00 	bedtime prayer

	lights-out (children)

	household chores

10:00 	lights-out

The term “preparations” is a general way of describing individual tasks or routines associated with the time. Morning “preparations” would include getting dressed, brushing teeth/hair and so forth.

On a completely unrelated note, I seem to have the biggest problem spelling the word “preparations” – it is almost pathological how I will type it out and pause… looking at the word suspiciously. Now, I would consider myself an above-average speller, but something about this word just does not seem right to me. I will run it through a spell-check and it comes out correct – I will look it up in a dictionary and still not be satisfied. Ah, well…

Moreover, the arrangement of the Scripture readings is somewhat tentative while I continue to consider which verses are best for different parts of the day.

…and again, I must stress that these times are approximate. Sometimes wake-up and lights-out are going to be a little earlier and/or later depending upon circumstances; for example, visiting friends or family. My only desire is provide a general schedule from which the day`s course can be plotted, thus maximizing the efficiency of waking hours.


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